DTSK VICE-CHAIRPERSON                                                  

Jimmy Karanja

Build a society that appreciates diversity in ability

James Karanja: Vice-Chairperson DTSK.

James’ passion is to transform the autism challenge in Kenya into an opportunity to empower autistic people and their families. His career objective is to promote social inclusion of people with disabilities by increasing their participation in the social economic activities of their communities. He is on a mission to build a society that appreciates diversity in ability. James is a graduate of Master of Disability Policy and Practice degree from Flinders University, Australia.  He is also recipient of the Study Adelaide’s 2021 International Student of the Year and 2021 Academic Excellence: Postgraduate (Coursework) Awards.  James holds a bachelor’s degree in Special Education from Maseno University and a post graduate certificate in Vocational Education Management from Chisholm Institute, Melbourne.  He has over 15 years of experience as a vocational education trainer for young people with disabilities and has also worked as a disability engagement specialist for disability service providers in Australia.

James is the founder and the current Vice Chairman of the Differently Talented Society of Kenya, a psychosocial support organization that brings together over 500 autistic persons, their families, and professionals in the disability field in Kenya and beyond. James is working on an innovative program called Naweza Microenterpise Project which seeks to empower young people with disabilities through training and support to run their own small businesses.