Alice Mundia

Full Inclusion and Participation of all Persons with Disabilities in all Spheres of life

Alice Mundia: Chairperson DTSK.

Alice Mundia is a mother and caregiver to an 18yr old son with Autism. She has served as a volunteer in Disability Rights Advocacy with a specific interest in advocating for the rights of Persons with Autism for the last eleven (11) years. With other parents, caregivers and a few professionals they founded Differently Talented Society of Kenya (DTSK) in 2015 and has served as the DTSK chairperson for the last six (6) years.  

Alice has demonstrated unmatched passion, commitment, and determination to build an organization that places the aspirations, needs, and interests, of persons with neurodevelopmental disabilities at the center of the service design and delivery. Within the 6 years of its existence, Alice and other committee members have led DTSK members to view themselves from the lens of empowerment and resilience as opposed to the common perception of the Kenyan society where people with disability are viewed as objects of charity whose impairments and health conditions can be fixed through alms and medical interventions.

Alice holds a Masters in Business Administration {Finance} – University of Nairobi, B. COM {Finance}, CPA {K} and is an Alumnus of the International Disability Alliance {IDA) Bridge CRPD/SDGs Training.